Vicky Mattson with Mika


We’ve been working with Tessa at Dogs with Ties for about 8 months and have seen remarkable changes in our dog Mika. Mika is an energetic rescue dog, who was anxious around other dogs, would drag us by the leash, and was unable to pay attention to us whenever anything else was more interesting (which meant whenever we were out of the house!)

Tessa helped us form a stronger connection so that Mika looks to us for cues on what to do, and this has helped alleviate her anxiety and reactivity. I appreciate that Tessa respects our preferences about which tools and techniques to use, and always helps us find solutions that work for us. Mika’s leash walking and recall have improved immensely, and training (which used to be frustrating) has become more fun and playful. Amazingly, she’s now able to calmly rest in a down stay around other dogs, so we can enjoy taking her out in many more situations.

We have used Tessa for private training, drop-in care and long-term house & dog sitting. I trust and recommend her!

Private training, group training, house-sitting.

A young adult german shepherd sits next to an eldery german shepherd mix in a backyard with mountains in the background

Lisa Rick with Cooper & Ziggy


Tessa is a wonderful dog trainer and so knowledgeable. Our dog Cooper has done so well with her and we will continue to work with her. I highly recommend her if you need training for your dog.
I highly recommend Dogs With Ties K9 for all your puppy or dog training needs.  Tessa has been great with my two dogs and is so wonderful to work with.  We have used Tessa for private training in our home and away at a local park and each session has been invaluable.  Our 11 month old German Shepherd adores her, they have a very special bond.

Private training, group training, dog walking, house-sitting, drop-in care.

Karla Quintanilla with Chandler, Phoebe, & Ross


Tessa is by far the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. We’ve been with Dogs with Ties for a little over a year now. She listens to our wants and needs and educates us on all things dogs: commands, best supplies, best foods, environments, etc. She does amazing work with our dogs and they worship her. She has worked with our two Barbets since the day they came home and it’s been worth EVERY penny and minute invested. They are extremely well behaved and socialized dogs thanks to her teaching us all so well. She not only trains the dogs but she trains us humans to be the best handlers/parents for our dogs. When we added cats to our family, she helped us get the dogs well acclimated to them quickly. She’s helping us train our black Barbet to be a service dog for our son. He’s learning his job VERY quickly thanks to Tessa and her knowledge.

When we rescued a Shih Tzu in December 2022, who clearly did not have any proper training from his previous family, he managed to get him crate trained in an hour and in just a few weeks he adapted well to our home and started learning the basics such as down and sit. In the few short months we’ve had him he’s already learned sit, down, stay, come, wait, paw, place and eat. He’s working on learning to heal. Thanks to Tessa we get lots of compliments on how well educated our dogs are. You will not regret working with Tessa Carter at Dogs with Ties.

Private training, group training, house-sitting, board and train.

Dave Vanni with Zeppelin


Thank you, Zeppelin likes you too.

Dog boarding, dog walking

An elderly chihuahua is sleeping in a large dog bed

Melody Su with Chispa


Tessa is so knowledgable and amazing with dogs. I can't believe all the things my puppy has learned from her in such a short time. I am very excited to see her continue her work with my puppy. And my puppy LOVES  her. AMAZING.

Dog boarding, dog walking