Below are recommendations for products, trainers, resources, and more!

I am not sponsored by anything listed here, they're simply my best recommendations!

Below you'll find other trainers and products that I highly recommend. Everything below is someone I have either bought products from before, or have used their products and/or information of and trust completely! I add to this page as I find new people to follow and learn from, or new products that I fully trust, so definitely check back in.

The logo for the youtube channel Kikopup: a blonde haired person surrounded by dogs


An awesome youtube channel and dog trainer who's videos I'd reccomend to anyone!

Business card for astral K9: dog silhouettes on a black background

Astral K9

A friend in downtown Campbell with an excellent business and training standards!

The logo for the etsy shop ruffthreads: an illustrated dog head sits inside a spiked collar


The Etsy shop I get all my biothane dog gear from - leashes, collars, and more!

The logo for AkraCreations dog gear: the illustrated headshot of a white dog looks happily to the right

Akra Creations

An amazing company that makes treat pouches, martingales, leashes, and more!