My Dogs!

a small terrier-like dog stands in front of three framed certificates

Meg - Baroness de Barbazac - CGC TKI

Meg is my heart dog, a mix of all sorts that had a rough past. She was adopted at around a year old after surviving parvo. When she got to me, it took a few years before I discovered my love of dog training, so at six years old, she was a timid, unsure little dog with a lot more to learn in the world. Once I started training dogs, and training her, she blossomed into the amazing dog she is today. She accompanies me to many lessons and is even the demo dog when I do AKC tests! My goals with her include getting Rally Novice, completing her Trick Dog Advanced, and hopefully get her Canine Good Citizen Community title!

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Chispa - She likes my spark!

Chispa was an unexpected acquisition by a client of mine, and while not having wanted a dog before, she was determined to give this puppy a good life. Seeing this puppy's amazing drive and temperament, and the owner's willingness to learn and work, I offered to co-own the puppy, leading to Chispa now! She's an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix mainly, and she's smart as a spark! My main goal for her is to be a Therapy Dog through Pet Partners!

Currently, she comes to classes with me, allowed due to her therapy dog in training work. She's able to go through elevators, crowds, sit in class, and so much more.

Follow Chispa more on my Instagram @dogs.with.ties to see her growth and training. She's slowly becoming the face of Dogs With Ties!

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a border collie mix puppy sits with her head tilted to the left