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About Me!

Hello! I'm Tessa, and my dog partner is Meg! I specialize in communication-based dog training, as well as pet-sitting, in the Morgan Hill area.

I started as a trainer at Petco where I learnt my passion for helping dogs and their owners connect. I left that job to pursue a career working with board and train dogs at Sundowners Kennels, training them to become show dogs, sport dogs, hunting dogs, and even search and rescue dogs. When they moved locations, I pursued my own career helping people raise dogs to accompany their owners and become well-mannered members of society.

I train all dogs big and small, from Pomeranians to Newfoundlands! I believe in a training approach where dogs have clear communication with their owners while also both living to their fullest lives and potential. However, each training style is going to be different depending on both the dog's and the owner's needs, wants, and preferences. So, let's figure out together how to best communicate with your dog to create a partnership to last a lifetime!

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I am a member of Monterey Bay Search Dogs to have my future canine partner, a Kooikerhondje, be a search dog as well. 

I am a certified AKC Evaluator, which means that I can help you and your dog get the Puppy S.T.A.R., CGC, CGCA, and CGCU certifications. I can also evaluate dogs for Trick Dog titles and Virtual Home Manners titles! 

I am currently working towards my CC-PDT, APDT, and CDTI certifications.

I am also certified in: 

Currently, I have five dogs in training with me working towards doing therapy work, one of which being my own co-own dog, Chispa! I'm working towards becoming an evaluator with Pet Partners to help with more therapy dog groups in the future. 

AKC canine good citizen evaluator certificate

AKC Evaluator Certificate

Canine wilderness emergency first aid certificate of completion

Canine Wilderness Emergency First Aid Certificate

reptile, avian, and small mammal first aid certificate of completion

Reptile, Avian, and Small Mammal First Aid Certificate

canine and feline cpr and first aid certificate of completion

Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid Certificate